Athens-Winder Alcohol Abuse Prevention Initiative

Katherine M. Manning, LCSW, MAC, ICPS

Kay is a graduate of the University of Georgia after moving to Athens, GA in 1994. She completed an undergraduate program within the school of Family and Consumer Sciences specializing in early childhood development and completed a graduate program with the School of Social Work.
Kay has obtained certification as a (LCSW) Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (MAC) Master Addiction Counselor, and an (ICPS) International Certified Prevention Specialist.
Presently she is the Associate Director of Prevention/ Intervention with The Council on Alcohol and Drugs and brings with her five years of experience providing therapeutic interventions with children, adolescents and their families and two years of experience providing crisis interventions. Four years of education in Family Consumer Sciences and Economics specializing in early childhood theories and development. Two years of education in advocacy, policy and social work practices. During the past ten years Kay has been overseeing prevention programs statewide within the Prevention/Intervention Department of The Council.
Kay supervises four regional managers, develops curriculum, implements environmental strategies, and seeks out expansion opportunities for the growth of The Council.

Contact Details

Kay Manning
537 Providence Cir
Statham, GA 30666-2132
Phone: (770) 725-1837
Mobile: (706) 254-8796

Recent Awards

In recognition of accomplishments to the field of prevention in Georgia, the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), Office of Behavioral Health Prevention awarded Kay Manning as the 2015 recipient of the Ray Avant Excellence in Prevention Award at the Georgia School of Addiction Studies.

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs has launched an Alcohol Awareness Campaign for Georgia parents and caregivers in the greater Athens-Clarke and Barrow counties to help provide resources and information to protect our underage youth from the harmful effects of drinking alcohol.


June 16th, August 18th, September 15th at 3:30 p.m

Athens CPAW Meeting at Clarke-County Public Health, 345 North Harris Street, Athens GA 30601

June 22nd at 9:00 a.m.

Barrow County Family Connection Summer Youth Conference - Click Here to view the flyer

July 7th, August 4th, September 1st at 3:30 p.m.

Barrow County CPAW Meeting at Barrow County Family Connection, 34 Village Ct #147, Winder, GA 30680


The Athens-Winder Alcohol Abuse Prevention Initiative focuses on changing aspects of the environment that contribute to the abuse of alcohol. Environmental strategies aim to decrease the social and health consequences of alcohol abuse by limiting access to substances and changing social norms that are accepting and permissive of substance abuse.


Healthy Brain Campaign
UGA Health Center

The Athens-Winder Alcohol Abuse Prevention Initiative is working with community partners through a Community Prevention Alliance Workgroup (CPAW) which consists of three sub-groups: Epidemiological Workgroup (to conduct the needs assessments), Planning and Operations Workgroup (for strategic planning and overseeing implementation) and an Evaluation and Sustainability Workgroup (to evaluate the implementation).


Positive Social Norms

An environmental strategy used to correct misperceptions about what the majority of young people actually think and do concerning alcohol consumption. This strategy is intended to reshape healthy behavior by marketing positive norms without the use of traditional methods that rely on scare tactics in order to reduce binge and heavy drinking among 18-25 year olds. Activities associated with this strategy include poster placement at Lanier Tech bi-annually, University of Georgia bus advertisement campaign for 3 months on 108 buses (36 buses x 3 months), bi-annually, Facebook campaign for 3 months, twice per year and an annual 30 second PSA in a movie theatre for 4 weeks. The posters have the potential to reach people daily during the duration of time that they are kept up after being placed. The bus route advertisement has the possibility of reaching individuals 3-5 times per week during the cycle. The Facebook campaign provides newsfeed promoted memes on a daily basis for three months and the movie theatre PSA will run 1 time for 4 weeks.

Promote and Enforce Social Host Liability

An environmental strategy that supports law enforcement and educates the citizens within communities on the consequences should they supply minors with alcohol. Promoting & enforcing social host liability in the Athens and Winder communities will affect access to alcohol to minors and will assist in reducing binge & heavy drinking among 18-25 year olds at tailgates and house parties. This strategy is focused on young adults ages 21-25 that are at risk of providing alcohol to their underage friends. Activities associated with this strategy include sticker shock with over 70 retail outlets in Winder and Athens annually, University of Georgia bus advertisement campaign for 3 months on 108 buses (36 buses x 3 months), twice per year, a Facebook campaign for 3 months, twice per year and an annual 30 second PSA in a movie theatre for 4 weeks.

PRIME Solutions

An individual level strategy used to provide prevention and early intervention for those who are already facing sanctions due to their alcohol misuse and/or abuse. This strategy is intended to impact the beliefs and attitudes of individuals about high-risk alcohol use and will reduce binge and heavy drinking among 18-25 year olds. Young adults ages 18-25 that have been referred to treatment in Winder are our primary population. Each participant completes 24 hours in a group setting for 2 hours each week.

In 2015 underage drinking cost Georgia $1.4 billion.



  • Alcohol kills more kids and young people ages 18-25 than all other drugs combined.
  • Youth ages 9-20 use it more than any other substance.
  • An average of 2,375 people in Georgia die from alcohol-related injuries or illness each year.

Alcohol is the THIRD leading cause of death in Georgia.