Middle Georgia Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project (ASAPP)

Carmen L. Caldwell, M.P.A., M.Div., ICPS

Carmen Caldwell, M.P.A., M.Div, ICPS has been with the Council since 2014. Prior to coming on board, Carmen was a member of the Region 6 Community Prevention Alliance Workgroup (CPAW). Carmen currently serves as the Project Director for the Region 6 Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project (ASAPP).

She brings extensive experience in working with youth. She has served in youth ministry for over 16 years. She also served for over 6 years as the adult advisor for a community based youth group. Her connection with youth and her passion to see them thrive push Carmen to work diligently on substance abuse prevention. She wants to see young people reach their dreams and reminds them that fulfilling their dreams can give them a high far greater than any substance they use.

Carmen also has experience in governmental relations, having worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Seattle. This knowledge has been a good fit given the Council’s work with state and local governmental agencies.

Carmen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Albany State University, Albany, GA; a Master of Public Administration degree from University of Washington, Seattle, WA; and a Master in Divinity degree from McAfee School of Theology, Atlanta, GA. She also holds the designation of Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist through the Prevention Credentialing Consortium of Georgia (PCCG). Carmen has training as a life coach, facilitator, and speaker. She brings all her experiences, education, and skills to increase awareness of substance abuse prevention among young people and within the communities she serves.

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Carmen Caldwell
P.O. Box 2137
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Phone: (404) 223-6604
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Region 6

Region 6

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs has launched an Alcohol Awareness Campaign for Georgia parents and caregivers in Middle Georgia to help provide resources and information to protect our underage youth from the harmful effects of drinking alcohol.



Interested in reducing substance abuse in Henry, Pike, or Spalding counties? Consider being a part of our Region 6 Community Prevention Alliance Workgroup (CPAW). Maybe you work on other community issues and see common ground with substance abuse prevention? Let’s talk more about working together to address both your community issue of interest and substance abuse prevention.

Contact Carmen Caldwell at (404) 223-6604 or at


June 28, 2017: Time & Location: TBD

(CPAW) Community Prevention Awareness Workgroup Meeting - Contact Carmen Caldwell at 404-233-6604 or to receive the meeting notification.


The Middle Georgia Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project (ASAPP) focuses on changing aspects of the environment that contribute to the abuse of alcohol. Environmental strategies aim to decrease the social and health consequences of alcohol abuse by limiting access to substances and changing social norms that are accepting and permissive of substance abuse.


Tri-County Family Connection
georgia department of public health
 Telfair County School District

Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

Spalding County Collaborative Authority For Families & Children, Inc.


Candler County School District
Wheeler County Schools
Montgomery County Schools

Pike County Middle School

Eagles Landing Middle School

Kennedy Road Middle School

Candler County School District
Wheeler County Schools
Montgomery County Schools

Griffin-Spalding County Mentor Program

Stockbridge Middle School

Pike Community Resource Network

The Middle Georgia Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project (ASAPP) is working with community partners through a Community Prevention Alliance Workgroup (CPAW) which consists of three sub-groups: Epidemiological Workgroup (to conduct the needs assessments), Planning and Operations Workgroup (for strategic planning and overseeing implementation) and an Evaluation and Sustainability Workgroup (to evaluate the implementation).


Region 6 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Project (ASAPP) goals:

  • ​Reduce the early onset of alcohol use among 9-20 year olds
  • Reduce the early onset of marijuana use among 9-20 year olds

We have selected three strategies to reach these goals:

Positive Social Norms

An environmental strategy that seeks to reduce misperceptions of norms about underage drinking. This is designed to correct misconceptions about what youth actually think and do concerning alcohol consumption, with the ultimate goal of reducing the early onset of alcohol use.

Promote and Enforce Social Host Liability

An environmental strategy that incorporates educational efforts to increase awareness of relevant laws, penalties, and enforcement initiatives, and stress to the public that it is unacceptable for adults to furnish minors with alcohol.

Project ALERT

Project ALERT is an individual strategy. It is a skills based curriculum that teaches teens how to say "NO". The curriculum was created and tested by the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization. Developed over a ten-year period, Project ALERT addresses the pro-drug mindset of today’s teens and effectively increases their likelihood to remain drug-free. It is a free classroom based substance abuse prevention program for 7th and 8th graders that's proven to reduce the experimental and continued use of drugs.

In 2015 underage drinking cost Georgia $1.4 billion.



Alcohol kills more kids and young people ages 18-25 than all other drugs combined. Youth ages 9-20 use it more than any other substance. An average of 2,375 people in Georgia die from alcohol-related injuries or illness each year.

Alcohol is the 3rd leading cause of death in Georgia.