Alcohol Awareness Month Interview with Dr. Gregg Raduka, Ph.D. LPC, ICPS

Womens Telehealth CEO, Tanya Mack sits down with Dr. Gregg Raduka, Director of Prevention/Intervention Programming and Services at The Council on Alcohol and Drugs to learn about the scope of population dealing with not just consumption, but abuse and in many cases, addiction. This month is Alcohol Awareness Month and we had this conversation to draw a picture of how many lives are affected, what options are available for those dealing with abuse or addiction, and research going on around the issue.

Prevention and Early Intervention Parent Manuals

* Primary Prevention means preventing the problem before it starts.

* Early Intervention means dealing with a problem when it is still at an early stage.

Additional Alcohol Abuse Prevention Resources

For your convenience in finding additional information on other organization's websites, we have compiled the following list of links related to Alcohol Abuse Prevention. Remember that most of these links will take you off of the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Initiative's website. We neither endorse nor take responsibility for the content of other organization's websites.